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SCP participated in International Conference on Development Zone Transformation and City Innovation

The International Conference on Development Zone Transformation and City Innovation was held from 15th to 17th November 2019 at Nanjing Southeast University, co-hosted by Nanjing Southeast University and China Urban Planning Institute. This event brought together over 300 political, academic and business representatives from China and over 10 countries along Belt and Road Initiative, to discuss the transformation and upgrading of global and china development zones, and the roadmap to city innovation development.

On 15th November, National Key R&D Program “Research Cooperation and Exemplary Application in Planning of Overseas Industrial Parks” 2019 Expert Consultation Meeting was held. SCP President (China) Mr. Chen Qining reported on the annual progress, key results and 2020 work plan of SCP Research Group. The expert panel headed by Prof. Gonghao Cui fully affirmed the current progress of the key R&D program, and put forward expectations and requirements for the research results next year.

The conference was officially launched on 16th November. As comment guest SCP Research Group Director Mr. Zhu Yijia participated in the theme forum on “One Belt and One Road” Industrial Park Development and Planning. Speakers from different countries and backgrounds gave wonderful speeches on the development experience of China's industrial parks, the development and planning of industrial parks along the Belt and Road, and site selection of overseas industrial parks. In the commentary section, Mr. Zhu Yijia based on the rich experiences of SCP in China and overseas industrial parks development, shared six focus points on the planning and construction of overseas industrial parks from software and hardware perspectives.

On 17th November, SCP Planner Ms. Yang Sihan participated in the “One Belt and One Road” Industrial Park Development and Planning Training Seminar. She delivered a speech on “Exploration and Practice of Sustainable Development of Industrial Parks”, sharing the valuable experience that Suzhou Industrial Park has accumulated during the 25 years of development to local and foreign students and related technical personnel. 

Furthermore, two articles from SCP will be included in the papers, one of which as poster exhibit. 

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