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SCP participated in Expert Consultation on "The Planning Standard for China Overseas Industrial Park along the Belt and Road"

On 16th December 2019, the start-up and expert consultation meeting of “The Planning Standard for China Overseas Industrial Park along the Belt and Road” was held at China Architecture Design Institute. This standard is one of the important results of the "Technical Cooperation Research and Demonstration Application in Overseas Industrial Park Planning”, co-authored by Southeast University School of Architecture, China Architecture Design & Research Group, Jiangsu Urban Planning and Design Research Institute, and SCP Consultants Pte Ltd. SCP Research Group Director Mr. Zhu Yijia and Planner Ms. Yang Sihan participated in the meeting.

The panelists were Beijing Academy of Urban Planning and Design Researcher-level Senior Planner Tu Yingshi, China Development Bank Planning Bureau Senior Expert Hu Dongsheng and Director Hu Biao, Beijing Normal University Professor Zhang Qiang, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design Professor-level Senior Planner Kong Yanhong, China Zhongyuan International Engineering Company Urban Planning and Design Institute Dean Bai Bing, Nanjing University Urban Planning and Design Institute (Beijing Branch) Dean Chen Yi.

The meeting was chaired by China Institute of Architectural Design Planning Centre Director Yang Yifan, a speech was delivered by China Urban Planning Association Deputy Secretary General Qu Changhong on behalf of the Society. Southeast University School of Architecture Professor Wang Xingping introduced the standard background, staff structure, timeline, etc., followed by the framework outline presentation by representatives of each unit.

SCP Research Group Director Mr. Zhu Yijia presented a framework outline based on comprehensive factoring and work process requirements analysis, and proposed a preliminary plan for provision of technical standard for each different stage in the planning of overseas industrial park.

Lastly, the expert panel put forwarded opinions and suggestions from the aspects of the standard issues, framework principle, specific content, etc.

It is reported that the standard was officially announced by the Urban Planning Society of China on 21st November 2019, and is expected to complete within six months. The standard will also adhere to the characteristics of the Institute's standards of "Targeted, Equality, Efficient, and Flexible", which form a strong complementarity and positive interaction with government standards. It will promptly meet the current demand of planning standard for the development of overseas industrial parks along the Belt and Road.

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